Love thy’ neighbour


I grew up in a small town in Johor. I lived nearby a kampung (village) area and I grew up knowing each and every family – from my house to the kedai runcit on the way to my primary school. I know all the kids around my age. Every evening we gathered without fail at the “padang” (field) near our house and spent at least an hour (until dusk) playing all sorts of games. Do you have a childhood memory such as mine? My friends consists of people from all races – indian, chinese and malay. And I love them all. 


Disclaimer : About This Space

I’m a producer/script writer looking for materials for my next movie. However, I need materials, information (real ones), news, real life experiences from anyone who went through 13th May 1969 in Malaysia. Whilst I appreciate your feedback, please take note that this space is strictly for real life stories sharing only and not a space for political rantings, debates or opinions. 

Thank you in advance for your time and I look forward to your stories.